Blog Archive for January, 2011

Hello, and happy 2011! I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve written in my head over the past couple of weeks, but somehow, sitting down to actually type them just wasn’t in the cards. So here it is, a brand new year! Dave and I finally took some down-time yesterday to think about the past year, and talk about our hopes for this new one. I can’t say we made any resolutions (such a serious word!), but we did come up with a lot of ideas for little changes and transformations that we’re excited about trying this year.

One word kept coming up for me again and again: intentional. I feel like the past year I’ve spent a lot of time running around like that headless chicken, trying to keep up with life. I suppose that having a (nearly) new house, a new business and a new baby all in one year can do that to a person. So this year I’m really hoping to be a bit more directed, organized and intentional with my time and my life. A big goal! For me, that means knowing when to structure my time, and when to allow myself a little unstructured, creative time to keep myself dreaming and gliding. I always think of the swimming coach in elementary school who was trying to improve my breast-stroke. He told me that you have to pull hard and kick hard, but then you must allow for the glide to maximize your forward motion. Otherwise, you just end up thrashing. Kind of a good analogy for life, I think.