Dave and I are both big hat fans, though I have to admit, I’m more a collector than a wearer. I am always seduced by the idea of wearing a hat, but once I have it on, I sometimes feel a bit… funny. Self-conscious, I guess. Still, I manage to buy them pretty regularly, and my collection is growing. So recently, I made the resolution to actually wear them more often. The problem is, all of these hats have been tucked away in boxes or drawers, and out of sight is out of mind. I tend to forget to wear them, even when I actually kind of need one. After finding my favorite Panama hat (purchased in dusty little hat shop in Puerto Rico) crushed in the bottom of a box under our bed, I decided there must be a better way to store them. I found some clothes pins, a couple of nails and a length of twine and rigged these super simple hat strings (for lack of a better name). The clothes pins proved too weak, but I replaced them with art clips found at our local art store, and they work perfectly. I just knotted them on the twine about a foot apart, and tied one end of the twine to a nail high on the wall. Now our hats are visible, accessible and stay relatively un-crushed.

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