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I have a thing for blank books. I really love them, and have especially coveted Rag and Bone Bindery’s gorgeous fabric-covered volumes. While I was away I got an email that they are having a trunk show this week, and have used some of the Circa 52 fabric that I designed for Birch to cover some of their journals! All of the books look beautiful, and you can pick them up through April 30 for 25% off!

Hola! Wow – my apologies for the loooong and somewhat unexpected blog break! I knew this past month would be busy, since we were preparing for a trip to Mexico to see some very dear friends get married, but I did think I’d get a few posts in here and there. In typical fashion, though, life seemed to have other things in store, and blogging didn’t happen. Now I have lots to catch you up on!

The trip was amazing, and so needed. We did some of this:

some of this:

and plenty of this:

I came back feeling relaxed in a way that I haven’t in a long time. Of course, I also came back to the realization that Quilt Market is 3 weeks away, and I’m nowhere close to ready, so I’m trying to hold on to a little shred of that relaxation while I get caught up and start sample sewing like a madwoman!

I just got the new issue of Sew News in the mail, and found my article on organic cotton, Go Organic, on page 48! Very fun to see it in print. I wrote the piece and put together the sundress last August, in the midst of one of the busiest months I can remember (except for, maybe, September and October). I was in a bit of a panic, because the samples of Taali didn’t come in in time for me to use it for the dress, so I had some printed up on Spoonflower. The scale of the Chevron is a little off, but it worked, and I was reminded of how incredibly cool Spoonflower is! Anyway, the article has some good info on organic cotton, and the pattern is available for download at – check it out!

Last week, Dave and I reorganized our kitchen spices and housed them in those spiffy stainless steel magnetic jars, now living happily on the side of our refrigerator. More counter space – yay! Just as I was preparing to put the old spice jars in the giveaway box, it occurred to me that they would be a great way to organize and store my buttons. Until now, my button storage has consisted of a big mason jar that I dump out on the table and comb through when I need a button. That worked well… until I had a button-obsessed toddler who sees it as her job to abscond with as many buttons as she can grab. I took a little time today (nicely timed during said toddler’s nap) to sort my stash and organize them by color and type – red/pinks, blue/greens, turtles, browns, metal, glass, and so on. Now they’re a little easier to find, and if I have to pour them out on the table it’s just a subsection, and not the whole spectrum. Much better!

I have been absolutely itching to get started on a little project using these fabrics. It’s a patchwork alphabet wall hanging that I want to make for over anabelle’s dresser, and I’ve been thinking about it for months. I decided I would definitely get it made for her birthday, and now I just need to begin… but somehow business, taxes and life keep getting in the way. Ditto for the Marin quilt that I swore (swore!) I’d have finished by March. It looks like I need to carve out some serious sewing time!

On an exciting note, I got the bulk samples of Fox Hollow, and they look great! Now they just need to get packed and shipped. Ah, the waiting…

I got a really nice email last week from Heather Knox of Project Somos, letting me know about her organization to help orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala. Project Somos is working to create a socially and environmentally sustainable village, where children will live with foster families in homes built by Project Somos. The organization is building the village, and creating an infrastructure of organic agriculture and orchards to sustain it, with the goal of providing secure homes, loving families and hopeful futures to children in need.

The scope of the project is large, and I encourage you to check out their informative and interesting website here. And if you’d like to get involved? Well! In addition to conventional donations, the organization is asking for donations of handmade quilts which will be donated to each child, and will also be available for sponsorship to help raise money for the village. What a nice focus for our collective creative energies! You can learn more about the Quilts for Kids and how to get involved here.
Happy quilting!

I just got the first issue of the new Modern Quilting magazine, and opened it up to find a really nice feature on Monaluna! I had answered some interview questions for Vick Guthrie, the author, but I had no idea it was going to be such a substantial article. Fun to see! The magazine itself is gorgeous, and full of inspiring projects and images, as well as info on other designers (like Kate Spain – one of my favorites!). Yet another great reason to pad my magazine budget!

I’m still getting the hang of this year-round gardening thing. I just can’t give up the tomatoes and peppers until they’re really done, which this year was the end of October, so none of the winter plants got in until November. According to my Bay Area Produce Calendar, that’s a little late for our area. The plants pretty much just sat there… until a couple of weeks ago. We’ve had some really warm weather, and the days are noticeably longer, and suddenly everything is thriving! Our lettuce heads are taking over, the spinach is getting big and dark, peas are blooming, the onions have grown from wispy sprouts to muscular stalks… and we’ve had some amazing salads! Last night’s was mixed lettuces and spinach with beets and blue cheese. A fine reward for months of waiting on our pokey plants.

I discovered a great new DIY toy today, perfect for distracting the little helper while I’m working in my office. I came across some old felt appliquéd farm animals that I had left over from a previous job, and remembering the old Feltkids toys, I realized I could make a little farm playboard for Anabelle. I cut out a piece of felt large enough to stretch across the bottom portion of the office door, pinned it in place, and added a simple barn and the appliqué animals. She eventually became fascinated with unpinning it (I might have to figure out a sturdier attachment), but it was super easy and bought me at least a half hour of focused work time!

The talented and generous Marny and Jill from Modern Quilt Relish sent me the most beautiful quilt last week! They used some of the Taali fabrics to sew up their new Supperclub quilt pattern, and it looks fabulous! It’s almost like an abstract landscape – hills, forest and grazing sheep against a polkadot ground and backed by… chevrony waves, maybe? Okay, I might be stretching it there. In any case, I just love their work. Their quilt patterns are graphic, a little playful and just really stylish. You can see (and buy!) a full range of their patterns here. Thanks, Jill and Marny!

the Supperclub quilt pattern