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Happy Friday, everyone! In honor of today’s 100-degree forecast, here’s Karen LePage from One Girl Circus with part 2 of the Little Bee tutorial: how to turn the yoga pants into shorts. Enjoy!

Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - Little Bee for Summer

Here’s part 2 to our tutorial to complete your Little Bee summer outfit. Today we’ll alter the Yoga Pants into little shorts to show off those baby legs. Photos in the tutorial use Monaluna’s upcoming Meadow Knits.


Tutorial: transform the pants into shorts.

Determine the desired length of your shorts by measuring the inseam of a pair you already have.

Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - Meadow Knits - Little Bee for Summer

Use a dark marking to highlight the leg seams on your traced pattern.
Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - Trace dark lines to highlight leg seams
Mark the shorts length on your sewing pattern.

 Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - mark new hem length

Fold along this line. Here you can see how the darkened tracing will help you with the following steps.

Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - fold along new hem

For the hem allowance, measure 3/4″ from the folded edge and draw a line to mark.

 Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - Mark the Hem Allowance

Because the Little Bee Yoga Pants are flared and not straight, you will need to trace along the leg lines that you see through the folded page to mark the hem shape.

Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - mark new hem

Open out the fold and cut along the hem edge you just marked.

Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - new hem

Tip: you can use the grainline marking to align the print as you’re cutting out your new shorts.

Monaluna Little Bee Summer Tutorial - Sewing with Knits - align your print

Now you can proceed with the directions in your pattern to complete a new adorable pair of shorts.

Euclid Avenue in Haven Organic Fabric


I’ve been loving the Euclid Avenue quilt that Kristy and Shayla from Sassafras Lane Designs made for our Quilt Market booth in May, so I thought I’d give it it’s own post today. It was a huge hit at the show, and I think it really works well with the subtle, fresh palette of Haven. These two are such sweet and talented designers, and I love the style and spirit of their company. You can buy the quilt pattern here, and the fabric is available here.

Euclid Avenue in haven


I love the irregular linear quilting they used – it’s subtle, but gives the quilt a really nice texture and structure.

Euclid Avenue in Haven closeup


Here’s the quilt, paired with some pillows that also made an appearance at Quilt Market, sewn by Jeanne Verrinder, a local sewist.:

Euclid Avenue and Pillows in Haven


And on display in our Quilt Market booth in May. Thanks, Shayla and Kristy, for your beautiful work!

Haven at Quilt Market

I’ve been asked a few times recently where I get inspiration for my designs and collections. I usually say “everywhere” or “nature”, both of which are true, but this time I found inspiration in a bottle of beer. I thought I’d share a specific example and tell you the story behind the development of our upcoming collection for fall, Westwood. As you will see, the design process is long and winding, and it rarely ends up where I think it will, but I guess that’s all part of the fun.


Inspiration struck last summer when Dave and I were visiting family in Minneapolis. We were picking up some white wine for dinner, when what should my eyes behold but the most beautiful bottle of beer I had ever seen. Yes, a bottle of beer. It was from Odell Brewing Company, and it was adorned with a gorgeous wood-cut style owl. Plus, it came in a cute little mini-pack of four. Cute little packages get me every time.



Of course I had to buy it. Even though Dave hates Pilsner. Most of the beer was consumed during our trip, but I made it home with one bottle intact. When we got home and were unpacking, Anabelle managed to get ahold of the bottle and lovingly shred off the label, but luckily I had saved the little carrier. It went into my inspiration file, but the image stayed in my head and took root. I don’t know who the artist is (I did look on the website for some credit, but didn’t see any), but I love the intricate but imperfect, rustic quality of the design. Love it. And I love the subtle palette, and, well, it’s a really cool owl.


When I started pulling together my inspiration for fall, I remembered this little guy, and pulled him out of the file. Up on the inspiration board he went, and was soon surrounded by examples of wood-cut and block printing, and sketches of unicorns and foxes and folkloric animals. I was trying to capture the hand-carved feel of the artwork, and the folkloric, mythic feel of the character. I wasn’t successful. But, as often happens, failing at that left me with a bunch of interesting stuff, which then became step two of the process. I’ll tell you more about that next week!


Our new Under the Sea collection has arrived and is now shipping!

Under the Sea organic fabric


This is our first ocean-inspired collection, and we’re having so much fun with all these friendly fish, pretty mermaids and happy octopi. The palette of blues and greens is punctuated with bright coral and orange, and works well for a wide variety of sewing projects. As usual, the collection is 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric.


under the sea organic fabric

under the sea organic fabric

monaluna under the sea organic fabric

I took a few minutes to wander through the garden and collect some flowers this morning in celebration of Earth Day. Things have been moving fast around here lately, and can get pretty hectic, but I’m always amazed how much better I feel after a little break outside, whether it’s a check-in with the plants (cranberry bean seedlings popped up this morning!), lunch in the yard or a hike in the hills. I hope you all get a chance to get outside and enjoy the environment today!  To honor the day, we’re offering 10% off all Monaluna orders through the weekend.




We had a great neighborhood photoshoot for Urban Patch last weekend! I had to coax the boys from across the street out of their Ninja Halloween outfits and into some cute little button down shirts, but once dressed they were the perfect models. We got some good photos, they had a blast, and Anabelle got a little more attention than usual from the big kids, putting her in a good mood for the weekend. Everybody was happy! The fabric has been a dream to sew with, and I’ve used it for everything from boys shirts to girls outfits, women’s pajamas and a couple of quilts. I’m super excited to get it in the shop in just a few more weeks!


urban patch organic fabric

urban patch organic fabric

urban patch organic fabric

urban patch organic fabric

urban patch organic fabric

urban patch organic fabric

As promised on Tuesday, today I’m sharing photos of our new Raaga organic knit fabrics which will be coming out in late fall. This collection features four of our most popular Raaga designs, printed on 100% organic cotton jersey knit. We’ve shown it here used on our new Ashland A-line skirt pattern for kids (we’ll have an adult version too, with a culotte option!). The tank top and shrug are from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love. Stay tuned for more cute knit projects, coming soon!

raaga organic knit fabric

raaga organic knit fabric

raaga organic knit fabric


We got the sample bolts of our new organic fabric collections last week, and I’ve been busy sewing and photographing ever since! We had a weekend of fun photo shoots and can finally show the fabrics in action. There’s tons of new stuff coming, so here’s a little preview.


First up: our new Woodland knit collection! This is soft, 100% GOTS-certified organic interlock knit printed with some of our most popular designs – Foxy, Swedish Forest, A is for Apple, Shroomy, Dotty and our Geo Dot. The fabric is ideal for t-shirts, yoga pants, play clothes and baby clothes like our new Little Bee onesie and pant pattern, as modeled by Mila and Elias here. We will also be introducing organic jersey knits in some of our our Raaga prints, and photos of those will be coming soon.

Little Bee sewing pattern

woodland organic knit fabric

woodland organic knit fabric

Next up is our Urban Patch collection, a playful group of prints inspired by our local urban gardening community. This group is printed on our soft 100% organic cotton poplin, and is great for quilting, kids clothes, adult clothes and all kinds of other projects.

urban patch organic fabric

urban patch organic fabric

Finally, we had a fun photo shoot yesterday with our Meadow collection, a warm and vibrant group of quilt-friendly woodland designs. Lots of organic goodness coming to the shop soon!

meadow organic fabric

meadow organic fabric

meadow organic fabric

meadow organic fabric


Tune in on Thursday for a guest post by the fabulous Karen LePage of One Girl Circus! She’ll be sharing a stylish peplum blouse tutorial based on our On the Go dress pattern.


The strike-offs for our new fall collections arrived last week, and I’m so excited about them! We have two collections coming out for fall market, Meadow and Urban Patch, and I’m now busily planning out projects to sew up and show at Quilt Market. What would you make with these fabrics?

The strike-offs are hand-screened versions of what will be machine printed in final production, so there are always some little differences, and I love seeing the way they resolve the screen ends, like in the photos below. It won’t look like that in final production, but it’s cool to have the one-offs!


The Free Range collection is in, and has been flying off the shelves! One of the fun parts of my job is doing photo shoots for each fabric collection, and we finally got a few photos taken yesterday. Here are some of the takes, and outtakes. Happy Friday!

anabelle and the chickens


anabelle and isabelle


apple barn cow dress